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Type these words into your music library and name the first song that appears

Love:   All You Need Is Love- The Beatles
Hate: I Hate Camera - The Bird and the Bee
Light: Lights - Journey
Dark: Darker - C-Tec
 Be Good To Yourself - Journey
Bad: Bad Sneakers - Steely Dan
Smile: Make Me Smile - Chicago
Cry:  Cry Baby Cry - The Beatles
Girl: Girl - The Beatles
Boy: The Boy Who Knew Too Much - MIKA

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{Hey, guys. I’m not back  for RPing, and I’m probably just gonna delete this blog within the next few weeks, if I remember to do so. 

You can find me here if you want to talk to me. I blog about the Beatles now. The Beatles are cool.

I haven’t been on here in a very long time, though, as I’m sure you all know. How is everyone?}

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So i found this app that does makeup on pictures

I am not sorry

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{ I’m going to be setting up another queue. It appears as though my old one finally ran out a month ago.}

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Look at that! I’ve been talking about doing this for ages and here it is! So, to celebrate my 400+ followers (you guys really are crazy) I’m doing a give away.

What you could win:

First place — A custom tee-shirt, you can ask for anything, a character, an animal, and or a saying, what have you, and two drawings by me of really anything. I can do your favourite character and one of my cartoon-y portraits, etc. YOUR SUBMIT BOX MUST BE OPEN

Second place — Will receive a tee-shirt with a character, symbol, animal, saying etc. and one piece drawn by me—again, you may have a portrait, or a character, etc. YOUR SUBMIT BOX MUST BE OPEN.

Third Place — Will receive a tee-shirt with a characater/saying/symbol/whatever.


You do not have to be following me, it’d be nice but I’m not going to force you.

I can only ship in the US, sorry guys I have little - no money at the moment.

Reblog as many times as you want, until August 31st, likes do not count.

I’ll use a random number generator to choose winners, if you win you must have your ask open and you must respond with your name and mailing address within forty-eight hours or I will choose a new winner.

Good luck!

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{Putting this blog on a semi-permanent hiatus again. I lost most(if not all) of my muse over the course of the summer, and I actually haven’t even logged into this account in two weeks or so. No point in continuing this pretense.

I would like to say it was fun while it lasted, but I must not tell lies. Bye.}

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